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ENI-LLB-2-359, Preservation of Ethnocultural Heritage and Tourism Development in the Historic Region Famous for Hollow Tree Beekeeping

2020-08-01 - 2022-07-31

The project aims to preserve and revive ancient tradition of hollow tree beekeeping and use it for tourism development in thecross-border region of Dzukija and Grodno oblast. This ancient craft, that historically as characteristic to the region, once played an important role in local social and economic life. However, with development of more economically efficient methods of beekeeping, it has been gradually forgotten. Nowadays, it is known and cultivated only by a few enthusiasts in Dzukija and Belarus. Therefore, Project Beneficiaries - Nature Heritage Fund (LT), Administration of Dzūkija National Park and Cepkeliai Strict Nature Reserve (LT), Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (BY), BPA "Ecological Initiative" (BY), and Republican Landscape Reserve Ozery (BY) - intend to revive ancient tree beeking traditions, make them known and attractive to visitors, establish cross-border touristic route itinerary that will feature beekeeping traditions common to this Lithuania-Belarus region. During Project implementation, hollow tree beekeeping expositions will be renovated and created over the cross-border region, demonstrating a living hollow tree beekeeping tradition as well as importance of beekeeping in local economy in general. Another group of activities will focus on information, promotion and education on this ancient craft and demonstrate how it can support local development. In addition, Project intends to initiate local festivals related to historical beekeeping traditions. The festivals are anticipated to become regular and become a trademark of the region. It is expected that through its informational activities Project will significantly contribute to increase in number of visitors to Dzūkija National Park and Ozery Landscape Reserve and the cross-border region as a whole leading to a positive impact on local social and economic development.

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