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VšĮ Gamtos paveldo fondas
A. Vivulskio str. 41-113
LT-03114 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 272 1918
Fax +370 5 272 3721

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About us

Nature Heritage Fund (NHF) - a non-profit, non-governmental environmental organisation was established in 2001 with an aim to represent environmental interests, raise environmental awareness, assist in policymaking as well as implement concrete landscape, biodiversity conservation measures.
Nature Heritage Fund is active in all Lithuania focusing on strengthening protected areas as epicentres for sustainable development in the country. Organisation works in close cooperation with administrations of protected areas, municipalities, local communities as well as other environmental non-governmental organisations active in the country and abroad.
Nature Heritage Fund works basing on sustainable development principles and belief that well informed and educated society facing consequences of their actions cannot act irresponsibly.

The main fields of action:
- Restoration of damaged and degraded nature areas
- Preparation of the management plans for protected areas
- Integrated planning of river basins
- Promotion of sustainable farming
- Promotion of sustainable tourism and ecotourism
- Promotion of traditional sustainable businesses 
- Strengthening of administrational capacities of protected areas administrations
- Development of nature conservation policy amendments and environmental lobbying
- Environmental education and awareness raising

We care about the future. Our children and we will spend the rest of our lifes there.

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